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Randy Gilbert
Marketing Consultant and Copywriter

The Genimation Group is proud to have Randy Gilbert as one of their main consultants as he was the Executive Producer of Inside Success Radio¬† where authors, speakers, top leaders, and other experts share their insider secrets, tips, and strategies with thousands of people around the world, helping them to be more proactive and successful. He continues to personally host ‘The Inside Success Show,’ which is his excuse to read great books and grow his rolodex.

Randy is also co-creator of BestSeller Mentoring and is one of the foremost authorities in online book promotion. He first used this strategy on his own book, “Success Bound,” to become a top bestseller. He has helped more people become best-selling authors using his “Online email blast formula” than anyone else. He both teaches his bestseller formula and manages select bestseller promotions.

Randy grew up on Maui, Hawaii and was the first ‘Maui Boy’ to go to the Coast Guard Academy. He earned a BS degree in Mathematics and Science and an MS degree in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering. During his 22 year career in the Coast Guard he helped raise the standards of maritime safety and environmental protection to new levels and earned the prestigious Department of Transportation Engineer of the Year in 1987.

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