Meet Dr. Michael Hudson


Dr. Michael Hudson
Marketing Consultant and Plan Developer

As one of our senior consultants and plan designers and developers, Dr. Michael Hudson started his first business when he was just 7 years old…riding his bicycle from house to house selling greeting cards and holiday gifts. Since then he has started a handful businesses, been a professor in the Big Ten and the Ivy League, and become a trusted advisor to the over 720 businesses he has helped implement systems to improve service, increase sales, and isolate opportunities for growth.

A self-described ‘recovering college professor’ because of his lack of comfort within bureaucracies, he is known as ‘the Big Idea Guru’ because of his ability to help companies translate ideas into actions that produce results. Founder of Big Idea Guru, LLC, he is the publisher of the Daily Big Idea™ which has subscribers in over 95 countries around the world. Dr. Hudson is also a frequent speaker on business strategy, leadership, and the power of ideas at association conventions, as well as for in-house programs with growing businesses.

Dr. Hudson is at his best when he is working with individual and team who want to increase their success…guiding them through planning processes and business development initiatives, drawing upon their insights to define powerful action plans, and creating content-rich programs they can use to create extraordinary results. His strategic planning retreats and ongoing implementation report are used by organizations that are serious about creating results and taking their success to the next level.

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