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The Genimation Group Key Leaders

Please click on the pictures of each of The Genimation extraordinary team members to see their bios.

bobpicture Robert Smith
Founder – President
Mr. Smith is the founder and President of The Genimation Group. He is a successful entrepreneur, as well as an extraordinary national public speaker and trainer.  For over 20 years, he has specialized in assisting businesses to realize dramatic increases in sales and profits through the design and implementation of outrageous, nontraditional, and complex, entrepreneurial marketing. Read more
mikehudson Dr. Michael Hudson
Marketing Consultant and Plan Developer 
Dr. Hudson started his first business when he was just 7 years old.  Since then he has started a handful businesses, been a professor in the Big Ten and the Ivy League, and become a trusted advisor to the over 720 businesses he has helped implement systems to improve service, increase sales, and isolate opportunities for growth. Read more …
tompic Tom Werder
Marketing Consultant and
Professional Facilitator 
Mr. Werder’s unwavering commitment and infectious passion has enabled businesses to produce outrageous results. Forged under fire and honed with 37 years experience, Tom has distilled his success into BullsEye…a simple, three-step process that transforms business from ordinary to extraordinary. Read more…
randypic Randy Gilbert
Marketing Consultant and
Mr. Gilbert was the Executive Producer of Inside Success Radio  where authors, speakers, top leaders, and other experts share their insider secrets, tips, and strategies with thousands of people around the world, helping them to be more proactive and successful.  Read more …
brentpicture Mr. Brent Green
Ideation and Strategic Developer 
Mr. Green is a nationally recognized expert in marketing to leading-edge baby boomers, the “tip of the arrow” born between 1946 and 1955. Author of Marketing to Leading-edge Baby Boomers (Writer’s Advantage, March 2003), Brent has spoken widely at national conferences and symposia on the mature market segment and the coming unprecedented reorientation of American business to an aging population.  Read more …
markbenda Mark Benda
Internet Marketing Consultant 
Mark Benda is an online marketing expert who helps small businesses discover costly gaps in their online marketing efforts. He develops strategic, step-by-step plans to maximize online marketing results and return on investment.  Read more …
ford_saeks Ford Saeks
Professional Speaker 
Drawing from over 25 years of “Street-Smart” experience, Mr. Saeks specializes in helping his clients increase performance… double, triple and even quadruple sales… and reach greater success in their business and personal lives.  Ford is a well-known speaker, successful entrepreneur, marketing and internet specialist and TV and radio host.  Read more …
kaypic Kay Rendleman
Executive Assistant to Robert Smith 
Ms. Rendleman has extensive experience in the management and operations of a variety of businesses. She brings to the Genimation team experience as Administrative Vice President of a multi-million dollar wholesale/distributor company; Comptroller and Deputy Executive Director of a federal government board; and extensive political management experience.  Read more …
heatherpicture Heather Abbott
Web site Developer 
From performing design, development, statistical quality checks on new and existing websites, backend, store front, database, using statistical methods to increase search engine listing rankings, and various web programming services, Ms. Abbott delivers world-class websites for our clients.  Her other talents include computer forensics, accounting, web programming and statistical analysis. Read more …

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