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Tom Werder
Marketing Consultant and Professional Facilitator

Tom Werder’s enthusiasm and exuberance for small business is captured in his articles, speeches and workshops about “Our Nations Hidden Heroes.” Out of his profound respect and awe for small business owners, he has worked to provide freedom…freedom to enjoy life…freedom to follow your dream…freedom to make money.

Tom’s unwavering commitment and infectious passion has enabled businesses to produce outrageous results. He brings this passion and experience to The Genimation Group’s clients.
Forged under fire and honed with 37 years experience, Tom has distilled his success into BullsEye…a simple, three-step process that transforms business from ordinary to extraordinary.

The journey that has seen Tom become a lifelong entrepreneur and now managing principal at RMG Engineers in Colorado Springs, Colorado, began at 18, when he started his first business. Since then, Tom has grown and established nine additional businesses in industries as diverse as engineering, retail, entertainment, and management consulting. He has inspired, coached and worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs and executives.

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