Our Mission

Our only mission: Providing your company the ability to out market your competition and generate new customers, using our revolutionary proven creative process…Genimation™

Whether your need is in marketing, developing new products or services, new applications… or you need new strategic over-the top ideas, Genimation will produce the results your business has always dreamed about…all experientially! 

As seasoned professionals, we are relentless experts in providing creative processes, concept development, and are specialists in developing winning new marketing strategies and tactics that capitalize on capturing untapped market gaps…which are currently invisible to most of our clients! 

If it’s an entirely new re-positioning effort, new product ideas, blue ocean marketing, or developing a new high level concept to out-market your competition, we are the team to hire. 

We are creators, generators, risk takers, mavens, and innovators who work with you and your team to achieve the results you want… Conventional wisdom goes out the window when you hire the Genimation Group to work with your company. 

The best part is we guarantee our work! 

We designed our proprietary process, Genimation™, to produce extraordinary results, FAST, so you spend less time in creating new ideas and more time generating new customers and market-share! 

The Genimation™ process produces your entire plan in just 45 days…ready for testing and deployment! 

Here’s how it works: 

You will receive from our strategic team a proposal of the entire Genimation™ process from start to finish outlining the specific tasks and outcomes you want as a result. 

You will work closely with a managing member from our team to fine-tune the details. We then bring in our world class facilitation and development team for all brainstorming, copywriting, proto-typing, graphic art, customization and plan development at your location. 

We lead the entire 2-day brainstorming session and manage the strategic discussion for you and your team. Your only job is to insure everyone from your selected team is present at the two day session so they are also vested in the outcome! 

You and your team will leave the Genimation™ session, with a comprehensive understanding and direction as to the final direction of your new ideas. 

Following the 2-day session, our team will develop a comprehensive Plan and Summary Report that includes a detailed account of the entire process and the context of your project. 

We then deliver your final program to you and your team, complete with all your new ideas, strategies, tactics, concepts, graphics, timelines, proto-types where needed, in an interactive presentation…45 days later. We walk you through the entire plan. 

We have spent over twenty years learning how to get inside the hearts, minds and imaginations of our clients, their organizations and ultimately their customers. 


The Genimation Group has added over 1.5 billion dollars in proven new revenues at higher margins for client companies in the last 6 years alone. (mid-tier firms) 

Here’s our what and how! 

Re-positioning New ideas and concepts
Idea Think Tank Brainstorming Services
Concept Development New Marketing Strategies and Tactics
Out-of the-box programs New Customer Service Paradigms

Here’s what People are saying about Robert Smith and the GGI Team:

“Bob is the single most brilliant marketing innovator of our time.”
          Mike Basch, Co-Founder of Federal Express

“Robert is the best marketing idea man on the planet ”
         Jeff Metz, CEO, Done Service Group, Denver, Colorado 

“You’ve set the new definition of what a successful marketing plan should be…what impresses me (I’m not easily impressed) about The Genimation Group is that your marketing ideas are truly innovative and are about getting new customers right now and in the future” 
          Valerie Anderson, Partner Catalyst Partners Inc., The Gartner Group 

If you need new, hot, out-of-the box ideas, re-positioning in your marketplace or you need to develop an entirely new way to out-market your competition and win new customers, then call us for an evaluation and an analysis to see if we are a match to work with your organization! Call Robert Smith at 719-633-2913.

The Genimation Group Inc.
425 West Rockrimmon Blvd. Suite 202
Colorado Springs, CO 80919

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