The Genimation™ Process

Step 1 – Extracting Your Creative Best

Sit back, close your eyes for a moment and imagine your team walking into a large room that has been transformed into a creative environment, complete with visual, tactile and musical immersion. This extraordinary environment is created for you and your team so we can extract the very best from each of you and to provide a space where you can fully participate with integrity and pride. Our experience has proven to us that adults need outside stimulus to initiate innovative and highly creative ideas.



Creative Room set-up

Team Collaboration / Bonding



New Idea & Concept Generation

Team Presentations

Using the Genimation process we will be brainstorming, developing, writing, planning, presenting, working, discussing, evaluating, judging, and exhausting every avenue possible to generate volumes of fresh, new marketing ideas and concepts that will work for your company. We facilitate this process using idea charts and multi-media.

Step 2- Producing the Next Level!

We then take our own expanded strategic development team, lock them in a room for eight hours, and repeat the identical process you and your team just experienced – with one difference. Our team will have your mindset, your ideas, your philosophies, your concerns and all the information your team created.

In our session, we use our specialized tools, our knowledge, our combined 100+ years of experience in 165 different industries, and our creative juices to finely hone and create your formal program. In fact, our team will probably develop more than you’ll ever be able to immediately execute. Because of this, we will assist you in deciding which concepts and ideas are the best ones to implement first. All of this is synthesized, designed, developed and executed in 30-45 days.

Our approach not only involves you in the initial design of your marketing program and various growth strategies, but also EDUCATES you and your people in the process of positioning your new concept for long-term growth.

How To Remember Everything

Our experience shows that these sessions overflow with so much information, and because the human brain on average can only retain 7%-9% of what it hears, we’ll produce a complete professionally packaged CD audio series of your entire Genimation session. This will allow you and your entire team the opportunity to listen, if needed, to reference some of the creative ideas produced in the session, even those not selected in your final report.

Notes in the Session

You won’t need to take any notes. We transcribe all of the idea chart pages used over the entire session. Therefore, this valuable tool can also be used to share your program with your key employees who could not attend, so they may understand everything that was developed in the session and why your team selected the ideas you did.

Where to Host the Event?

We have had extraordinary success with our Genimation process because we pay attention to detail. This includes close attention to the physical environment in which it takes place. Therefore, we strongly suggest hosting this meeting off-site at a resort, hotel or conference room where we can use a large room to accommodate everyone comfortably. (No phones, no pagers, no PDA’s, no laptops, etc.)

We use accelerated learning techniques, advanced facilitation processes, Genimation props, multi-media and training tools to keep you moving and energized during the entire two day session.

We guarantee that your mind will be swimming with hot new ideas, and you will be excited and energized when you leave the session ready to go!

An Overview of The Genimation Group Inc.

Robert C. Smith founded The Genimation Group Inc. (TGG) in 1989 as a full service, marketing consulting firm. In the last six years alone, TGG has added over
one and a half billion dollars in proven new revenues at average 30%+ margins for client companies (many of them small and mid-sized firms). TGG specializes in developing high-impact marketing campaigns that are specifically designed for acquiring customers using the new marketing rules of the new economy. TGG is recognized by national organizations (SBA, AFAI, ASBDC) as one of the most innovative marketing-consulting firms in the country.

Length of time in business
– 5,840 sunny days

Extraordinary Marketing Services provided by the Genimation Team

Idea Think Tank Brainstorming Services
Market Research Direct Response Marketing
Training and Seminar Services Strategic Planning Services
Web Design and Development Design and Copy Writing
Multi-Media Production WEB Marketing
Customer Service Training Sales Training
Public Relations Team Building

Here’s what People are saying about Bob Smith and the TGG Team:

“Bob is the single most brilliant marketing innovator of our time.”

Mike Basch, Co-founder of Federal Express & CEO of
Ciralight, Park City Utah.

“Bob is the best idea man on the planet ”

Jeff Metz, CEO, Done Service Group, Denver, Colorado

“No one can match the outrageous marketing ideas when it comes to working with Bob and his Genimation Team!”

Michael Ralby, Vice President, Above the Line, Boca Raton, Florida

“You’ve set the new definition of what a successful marketing plan should be…what impresses me (I’m not easily impressed) about The Genimation Group is that your marketing ideas are
about getting sales right now and providing a plan for long
term sustainability.”

Valerie Anderson, President, Catalyst Partners, Inc., Colorado Springs, Colorado

Why You Must Avoid the “Insider Trap”

Many of TGG’s potential clients initially think they want an “industry insider” to perform their marketing. However, they soon discover that the insider’s closeness to details and long-term exposure to industry conventional wisdom become a liability… and prevent them from developing real innovative marketing solutions.

Insiders are often unable to see the really big opportunities or be truly innovative. That’s why most highly successful clients find that TGG’s creative, multidisciplined approach is exactly what they need to achieve true breakthrough marketing!

The following represents a small cross section of representative industries of our client
base. Not one of these clients considered TGG an industry expert, nor did we have in depth experience in their businesses prior to working with them.

Financial Services Retail
Accounting Automotive
Insurance Golf
Stock Brokerage Apparel
Mortgage Residential Precious Stones
Mortgage Commercial Food
Advertising Publishing
Advertising Agency Book Retail
Multi-Media Offset-Print Services
Copy Writing Digital Print Services
Outdoor Graphic Design
Health Care Government
Medical Instruments SBA
Physicians Parks
Long Term Health Care Municipalities
Professional Services Public Works
Financial Utilities
Legal Energy
Civil Engineering Manufacturing
Plastic Mold Injection
Telecom High Tech Hardware MEM
Wireless Data/Voice Electronic
Reseller Cosmetics
National Telecom Providers Automotive Parts

More will be sent upon request.

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