Theme Box for Million Dollar Clients

Most of us have had to educate our new and
existing client base as to how to do business with us. Whether you are Marketing through
your referral base or just through new acquisitions, one of the problems is having a
strategy that will zero in through all the rhetoric that occurs in this era we coined
“the over communication age.”Visualize this!

You develop a “high-end” gift for your clients that they can see, touch, and
feel from a tangible point of view. It should define why your clients are important to you
and what you are trying to communicate to them. Where in your industry have you ever seen
someone send out a Million Dollar theme box for their clients? Given the mind-set of many
companies these days, this would put your miles ahead of your competition.

When was the last time you received a classy box that was relative to your lifestyle
and your achievement status?

There are few companies turning out direct Marketing like this, especially to what we
consider your “A” Clients. If there are direct Marketing items being sent, the
items probably do not represent or appeal to this caliber of client base.

Here are two examples of theme boxes that we came up with.

Theme Box 1                
Theme Box 2

Imagine your high end clients receiving a box that is elegant, fun, and
memorable. When you ask for referrals or when the time is right for the next new project,
who do you think they are going to call.
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One Response to “Theme Box for Million Dollar Clients”
  1. Teca says:

    A: Make a handmade gift box by considering the gifting occasion, your recipient, and an overarching theme. Pack your box with items appropriate for each factor and the result will be cohesive and professional.

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