The “Smart” Box

Get a 55% Response with Your Direct Marketing Program

“The Smart Box”

A small high tech company located in Denver Colorado hired The Genimation Group
to develop a direct marketing concept that would get them in the doors of the
Fortune 500 firms. Their initial efforts could be called dismal at best, and like most
companies they were thinking inside the box, doing what we term as the “me too”
direct marketing. You know the run of the mill mailings that would get a 1%-2% response.

Then exploding onto the scene was the Smart Box. We realized as with most business
CEO’s, CFO’s CIO’s and all the C Suite  have no time nor patience to read anything that is
mailed to them from unknown companies. They are heavily relationship based as far as their
selection with the vendors they do business with. So the program has to be,
world class and send a unique message.

The idea was to develop a multi-media program that would tell the story.
This company uses the internet to connect manufactures of high tech equipment to their end
customers…you. A multi-media program is a great idea but you have to get your
prospects to put a CD in their drive ..which sometimes can be difficult. So we developed
the concept of the Smart Box..

The Smart Box is a direct marketing concept that was designed with the customer in

Imagine this:


      You are working diligently on a project with your mind focused solely on the success of
      your project. You don’t want to be disturbed by anything or anybody when your assistant
      knocks on your door and says

“Hey Boss, you have to see this”

      She brings you a Halliburton aluminum case. On the outside of the case is a label that
      instructs you to lift off a special combination. With your curiosity peaked, you dial in
      the combination, unlock the case and open the cover. There in front you sits a Mac
      laptop and a Nokia cell phone.



      You quickly see a label that directs you to turn on the computer. In no time, a
      stunning 5 minute multi-media presentation unfolds before you. You sit back delighted. The
      program instructs you to you reach for the Nokia cell phone and as directed, you dial the
      #1 button. You are instantly connected to a company sales representative that gives you
      additional information and, of course, he takes the appointment.In a matter of 20 minutes, you have been given useful information and can return to
      your other business at hand. All parties benefit here.

Whether you go with this compnay or not, what is your first impression of their company? How
bad do you think they want your business?

It does no good to have a direct marketing program that doesn’t appeal to your
potential clients.
The Smart Box has not only dramatically increased
that company’s response rate, but it has also changed the way they are perceived by their clients.


New clients such as Intel, Compaq, Hewlett Packard, etc… are all responding to
their offer.

You may be wondering at this point how much does this cost?… Look at it this way,
their entry level service is a $100,000 sale. With a 55% response rate and a 50%
conversion rate….. who cares?

This is the question this company was courageous enough to ask;

  • What is a 55% response rate worth to our business?
  • Should you be asking yourself the same question?

Give your customers a value-added bonus for their business! 

Corporate Connection

Educating our new and existing clientbase is one of the most difficult and least understood marketing principles. Whether you are Marketing through your referral base or just through new acquisitions you need to develop a strategy that will cut through all the rhetoric that occurs in what era we call “the over communication age.”

A small fitness center in Golden Colorado was faced with the need to increase and improve their clientbase. Their strategy for educating their customers was as follows:

They created a box they gave to each current or potential member. Inside the box you found some fun and exciting information.


               Box Set

    Brochure Certificate

Small Brochure

This was the offer….

“As a valued employer of our area, we wish to thank you for your continued economic support of this community by offering you, through a program called the Corporate Connection, a special corporate rate for membership to the New Golden Community Center, for you and your employees.

This certificate entitles your company to a corporate membership to the new Golden Community Center. Sign up your company today by calling XXX-XXXX and give us the name of your company. Our staff will guide you through the details of a full Corporate Connection membership.

If you sign up before October 31, you will become a Charter Member, and we will give you up to an additional 5% off the already-discounted fee. This allows you to receive 30% off of your annual membership dues year after year.

We wish you continued success in your business and hope the new Golden Community Center will add to your bottom line through increased productivity due to healthier and happier employees.

Our no-risk Guarantee: For your peace of mind, we stand behind our membership with a money-back guarantee. Call XXX-XXXX and ask for details.”

As a value-added service for the business what employer would want to miss out on this offer?

The Results:

This promotion was so successful that within three months the Center was fully subscribed. It has been fully self-supporting and never had to rely on the General Fund.


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