“Robert and his Genimation Team exceeded my expectations in the development of a very comprehensive and professional marketing plan for Millennium Bank. The plan was by far the best bank marketing plan I have seen in over 25 years of banking. We are very excited to work with Robert and his team to implement this plan that we know will move our bank to a whole new level. Thanks Robert, you hit a home run on this one!”

      Mary Randall, Vail & Edwards President, Millennium Bank, Vail, CO

Genimation is one of the most fascinating, innovative processes I have ever been through. Robert Smith was introduced to me in 2005 when we engaged his company, for the development of a new product.

Robert used his unique development process Genimation on our company.
What Genimation was able to illustrate to me was not how to market a new product but how to repackage our entire company and market that!

I always like a company that over delivers.

The process was fun, extremely intense and highly productive. We were then presented with a completely unique perspective on who we were and how to market ourselves which is miles above anyone in our niche, either in New York or Los Angeles.

Robert is passionate and dedicated as is his entire team. He has stayed in touch with me long after our process was over and has generously extended his resources to us.

     Lisa Dee, President, Beaucoup Chapeaux
New York, NY

Representative Industries

The following is a small cross section of representative industries of our client base. 

Financial Services  Retail
  Accounting    Automotive
  Insurance    Golf
  Stock Brokerage    Apparel
  Mortgage Residential    Precious Stones
  Mortgage Commercial    Food
Advertising Publishing
  Advertising Agency   Book Retail
  Multi-Media   Offset-Print Services
  Copy Writing   Digital Print Services
  Outdoor   Graphic Design
Health Care Government
  Medical Instruments   SBA
  Physicians   Parks
  Long Term Health Care   Municipalities
Professional Services   Public Works
  Financial   Utilities
  Legal   Energy
  Civil Engineering Manufacturing
      Plastic Mold Injection
Telecom    High Tech Hardware MEM
  Wireless Data/Voice   Electronic
  Reseller   Cosmetics
  National Telecom Providers    Automotive Parts

More will be sent upon request.

Proven Results

   This is a sampling of the results produced for clients that deployed their Genimation Marketing Plan using the Genimation process to develop their Genimation Marketing Plan. The Genimation Group takes an extraordinary amount of pride and ownership in our approaches to developing marketing programs for our clients…meaning we like to develop extremely unique and extraordinary plans and we like to measure results. We realize that even though you may intellectually understand the value of our services, it’s the bottom line that counts. It is also the primary reason we ask for pertinent financial information because the primary goal of our work, is to not only generate new sales…but
to increase your company’s profitability.
Our primary focus of The Genimation Program is to build a customized marketing plan to meet your specific objectives and goals thus no one single Genimation is ever alike in complexity, content and design.


Please note the names of our clients are not disclosed to protect proprietary information. Also note that because of certain uncontrollable economic and operational variables as they exist from business to business there is no guarantee that your results will be the same. Feel free to view case studies on our innovation page.


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